Luna's Story

We’ve adopted five rescue dogs now, so when I got it in my head that I wanted another dog I returned to PetFinder, where we found and adopted our youngest dog Lola, a Great Pyrenees mix. 

I spent a few months looking and kept talking myself out of the idea of adopting another dog when my daughter pointed out a puppy she had seen listed. Her name was Luna. She was absolutely adorable (still is)!! Over the next few days I tried to put the idea of adopting another dog out of my mind. Three dogs in the house??? I must be crazy!! But that picture of Luna kept coming back to me and so I finally decided to fill out the application, really not thinking that she’d still be available or that I’d get a response. 

To my surprise I was contacted by Melissa right away. She was wonderful. I can tell you, having gone through this before, peacelovedogs asked all the right questions. It was apparent from the beginning that they were really looking for the best homes for their dogs. This was nothing like going to the local shelter, filling out the paperwork, plonking down a check and leaving that day with a dog. peacelovedogs wanted to ensure the success of the adoption; that was clear.  

Melissa put me in touch with Luna’s foster family and I was able to view videos and recent pictures of her on Facebook. This was a great way to get a view of her personality and see her interaction with other dogs, something just the picture of her in the PetFinder listing couldn’t provide. I can’t say enough about what these families do to give these dogs a good start. I can’t imagine opening my home and loving a dog and then having the strength to let them go. But somehow, thankfully, they do it over and over again. 

We finally got the green light from Melissa and in the meantime we were able to read more about peacelovedogs and the transport company, Rescue Road Trips while awaiting her arrival date. I ordered — and have since read — the book “Rescue Road: One Man, Thirty Thousand Dogs and a Million Miles on the Last Hope Highway” and am so uplifted by what Greg Mahle and his family and friends are doing. It was a lot of fun for us following his progress all the way from Texas to Connecticut where we finally met on Gotcha Day. It’s still so much fun seeing the postings every couple of weeks, as other dogs follow the same route North!  

I’ve read many happy stories made possible by this wonderful group of people who support each other in their efforts to provide safe, happy and loving homes for these very deserving dogs. It’s inspiring and I’m honored to share your story and efforts with others. Luna is an absolute LOVE!  She brings so much joy and fun to our home and family, and I thank each and every one involved for everything you do. 

—Linda Chrapek & Family
Eliot, Maine