Echo's Story

After rescuing our dog, Luna, we knew we wanted to open our home to another dog. We felt that she had come a long way but would really benefit from some company, other than us humans. Right around that time I saw a facebook post from a friend who just adopted a dog from peacelovedogs and he looked a lot like our first dog, who had passed away about a year before. I knew it was a sign that we had to reach out to them.

I fully expected the same response we were getting from local rescue groups in our area: Either no response, or a flat out "no, we don't allow families with young children to foster or adopt", but I was pleasantly surprised when I heard back from peacelovedogs. I loved working with Melissa from the first time we spoke. After completing a foster application and speaking with her further, she said fostering for them wouldn't be a problem at all.

Then she sent me a picture of Echo, and my heart melted. Melissa said he was found on the streets and sent me a before picture of him and I couldn't believe it was the same dog! He also reminded me so much of our other dog we lost a year before, and I knew we had to give fostering a try. 

Echo arrived on a cold rainy April morning via Greg with Rescue Road Trips. We brought him home and he immediately made friends with our dog, Luna. Fast forward to about a month later and we were a complete foster failure and adopted him!

Echo has breathed new life into Luna and he and my eight year old daughter are best friends! He gives tons of kisses to our one year old and loves to sit under our two year old's chair at mealtime to help clean up her crumbs! We all love Echo and are so glad he is part of our family! 

I can't say enough good things about working with the ladies from PLD. They are truly angels for what they do. I will never go anywhere else when we decide to foster or adopt again and I tell everyone about this amazing group of life savers!  

—Stacy Betty and Family
Cornwall, New York

Echo before.

Echo before (front center).