Gryffindog's Story

I had wanted a dog forever, and was finally in the position to get one. I had just moved out of my tiny apartment and finished a semester of veterinary school; my new place was now big enough and I knew I could handle the stresses of vet school with the added responsibility of a dog.

After making this decision, I wanted my new dog as soon as humanly possible. Visiting shelters and applying for dogs at rescues in my state was a much longer process than I realized (although part of this was probably that my landlords only ok-ed a small dog and I wanted a less than one year old pup). Even though I got approved for adoption at multiple places there were some questions about whether I would "match” with a lot of the available dogs as a young first-time pet owner.

After four months of looking here, I turned to out-of-state rescues. I found the perfect pup on Petfinder through peacelovedogs, sent in my application, and received an email back from Melissa saying that she thought I could be a great match for Peanut (now Gryffindog).

I will admit I was a little nervous not being able to meet my pup before adopting him. However, Melissa quickly sent me the medical records and gave me Gryff’s foster mom’s number so I could learn more about him.

I talked to his foster multiple times and received videos and photos of Gryff throughout that week. Even though I was far away, I got to know the dog I was about to adopt and I knew I was making the right decision.

Gryffindog has changed my life. He is the reason I am excited to get home after class and is the best study buddy. peacelovedogs is a trustworthy, transparent rescue that made out-of-state adoption possible (and easy!) for me. I will be looking to them the next time I want to adopt.  

—Stephanie I.

Gryffindog before: his previous owners told a volunteer that they didn't want him anymore, so they literally put him outside and hoped he would go away. So grateful to Rachel, the volunteer who fed him for weeks and posted photos of him online. Without her efforts Melissa wouldn't have seen him and decided to scoop him up for rescue through peacelovedogs.

Gryffindog before: outside his previous owners home, where he sat for weeks waiting to be let back in.