Finnegan's Story

After my failing attempt to adopt a dog from an NYC shelter, I thought I had no choice but to turn to a breeder. The rescue process in NYC was absolutely grueling — application after application, most of which never received a response, and those that did were immediatly declined because the "dog requires an owner who works from home." I was exhausted and frustrated... until I came across the sweetest looking dog on Petfinder, by the name of Tessa. 

I rushed to submit an application thinking that if this process was anything like the one in NYC, the dog had probably already been adopted weeks ago... and she had been!! But unlike the NYC rescue process, within four hours of submitting the application I got a response from Melissa: "Thank you for choosing to adopt! Unfortunately Tessa has been adopted but we actually just brought in a similar looking dog from the shelter, he was found in a nearby landfill. His name is Finnegan." And at that moment, my life began. 

The rescue process with Darci and Melissa was an absolute pleasure. I recieved constant texts and e-mails with pictures, videos, and updates throughout the month leading up to his trip up North.  

Now almost two years later, I can't imagine what life was like BF (before Finnegan). He is my best friend, the love of my life, the apple of my eye. He's my little shadow (although he'd probably say the same about me). I am grateful every single day — for Finnegan and for everyone who was part of Finnegan's story — Greg from Rescue Road Trips and especially my Queens — Darci and Melissa.

I had the pleasure of meeting Darci and Melissa in person when they came up to NYC in May to see the dogs and meet the adopters, and it was like I had known them forever!! They are two of the most incredbly strong, inspiring, and selfless souls I have ever known. These two women truly make the world a better place and I feel so lucky to have met them. 

peacelovedogs isn't just a rescue organization, it's a community. I am so grateful to be a part of it, we'd love for you to be too!!!!!

—Caroline Collett
New York City, New York

Finnegan before.

Melissa and Darci visiting some of the NYC adopters. Liney and Finnegan are 5th from the left, between Melissa (to the left) and Darci (to the right)