Opal's Story

I tentatively emailed and sent in an application about two dogs that I saw on Petfinder. Within a few hours I was in contact with Melissa — telling her our story with the bottom line being that we wanted to rescue a dog, but that we needed to be sure that the dog would be good with children — in particular our young son.

Unlike other rescues who draw a line in the sand against small kids or who treated me as if I was being absurd for insisting that a dog be good with children (I've actually had this conversation with several rescues; "it's not the dog, its the kid", which I realize, but I need a dog that doesn't mind the kid!), peacelovedogs was the exact opposite. 

Melissa totally understood and assured me that the dog she had in mind for me was a sweetheart and totally kid friendly. She took the time to send me videos and photos of Opal playing with, and loving, her son. She also took more than one call from me to reassure me, about how anxious I was, that Opal would integrate into our family — and never rushed me off the phone. I felt like she took both my family's and Opal's best interests seriously and made sure we would all be happy together. 

We couldn't be more grateful to Melissa, Cash, and everyone involved in peacelovedogs. Opal is everything we had hoped for and more! Despite the neglect she suffered in her previous life she is the sweetest girl, good with kids, and a kiss monster! She has adapted very well to life in NYC and is a very well-loved member of our family. She loves to play with her toys, chew her bones and most of all, snuggle up for belly rubs!  

—Kay-Lin Richardson
New York City, New York

Opal before.

photo credit: Jane Zippilli

photo credit: Jane Zippilli