Aggie's Story

Technically I adopted Aggie from Anne with St. Francis' Angels, but since peacelovedogs was so instrumental in the adoption process, I wanted to share his story with you and the peacelovedogs family as well:

When you decide to bring another member into your family, it’s a big decision to make. This was the dilemma I was faced with when I decided to adopt another dog. There are so many wonderful organizations and shelters over flowing with animals that need a home. It breaks my heart that I can’t take all of them. 

After much thought and soul-searching I decided that I would pursue adoption of a special needs animal. Working as a vet tech I knew that I would be able to give a home to an animal that might otherwise not be adopted because of medical or health issues. I came across Aggie (previously Timon) on Petfinder and instantly fell in love with him. He was a front limb amputee (tri-pod).  Front limb loss is much harder on dogs over time, since they carry most of their weight in the front. I contacted Anne with St. Francis' Angels about adopting, and kept my fingers crossed that I would get picked. 

As it turns out, fate was on my side. Anne contacted Melissa from peacelovedogs about working with me to finalize adoption details and have him transported with Rescue Road Trips up to me in Maryland.

Every single one of my animals to date (save one) is/was a rescue. Hands down, peacelovedogs is one of the best rescue organizations I have worked with. These ladies know dogs. The communication you get is top rate. All correspondence was replied to the same day! I have never worked with any rescue that was so wonderful about getting back to me so quickly. They are patient with the million questions you will ask, and go above and beyond in many cases to ensure these animals are matched with the best possible adopter. 

In addition, they use Rescue Road Trips to transport animals to their forever homes up north along the New England states. Greg Mahle brought Aggie to me. He is a kind and wonderful man who truly loves dogs and that’s why he does what he does. 

Rescue Road Trips was great about posting updates of their trip progress. In addition, Melissa was sure to send me messages of where Aggie was en route. I received phone calls to tell me that the truck was running on time and to verify pickup information. This type personal communication partnered with wonderful people is what makes this organization and adoption family so great. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. 

Aggie arrived safe and sound a week before Christmas — best present ever.  I think it was love at first sight for him, just like it was for me. I included our first picture together. I had just told him we were going home — to his forever home — and he kissed me... multiple times. 

Since then he has stolen my heart. He has adjusted well to life up north and loves the snow. He works as a therapy dog with me now visiting hospitals and rehab centers, and even libraries with kids to help them read. He truly is one of a kind and I am so very thankful to Anne, Melissa, and Darci for letting me be a part of his life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ladies. 

—Stacey Miller
Hagerstown, Maryland

Stacey's first photo with Aggie.

photo credit: Jen Osborn