Marley's Story

My wife is Melissa, the co-founder of peacelovedogs. She and Darci rescued a street dog from Galveston who they named Marley; he was in real bad shape and had been living on the streets for a really long time. They worked with him for a while to get him used to people. They poured their hearts and souls into him and one day he finally started to be social.

Before we knew it, he was adopted and sent to his new family via Rescue Road Trips. Not even an hour after arriving in New Jersey, his new adopter had lost him. Right after hearing this news Darci had a flight booked to New Jersey. I heard about the situation from my wife and told them I would go as well, so she wasn't alone. There was no hesitation for Darci to decide to go after learning Marley was lost in a city, all alone and scared; and the peacelovedogs family (a community that is formed of peacelovedogs adopters and fosters) contributed for last minute flights for 2 to New Jersey from Texas, which just goes to show how close this family really is.

We got up there and ended up having to literally trap him. Thankfully he didn't roam too far from the area he was lost in. Darci had anxiety the whole time until he was caught, you won't meet more dedicated rescuers than her and my wife.

Once we got back to Texas with him four days later, my wife had another foster at the house who was wild and hyper all through the night, and with a four year old son who was trying to sleep, it wasn't the best situation. Melissa and Darci told me they had found a foster home for my wife's current foster, if we would foster Marley. I agreed to it, not knowing that Marley would end up being my forever dog.

After what we went through together, I did not want him going anywhere else but with me. Had it not been for them saving him, and Darci rushing to New Jersey, I would never have had the pleasure of meeting the dog version of myself. So for that, I owe Darci and Melissa everything for bringing him to me. 

Thank you girls both for all you do. I know it can be hard at times, but you guys really do make the world a better place with all you do.

—Aaron Raynor
Damon, Texas

Marley before.

Darci and Aaron trapping Marley in New Jersey.

Painting Aaron did of Marley.