Bradley’s Story

Growing up, both my husband and I always had two dogs. So after a little over a year of rescuing our first dog Maisey, the decision to find her a companion was a no-brainer. As we had such a good experience with our first baby, we were eager to get started in the search to find our second one. We contacted the rescue that we had used before and at the time, they only had cats for adoption.

Immediately we took to PetFinder. I searched for shelters in New Jersey and had no luck finding our forever pup. I branched out to other states, and that’s when I saw the adorably precious pup named Jingle at peacelovedogs. My childhood dog was named Jingles, so immediately I felt like this was meant to be.

I inquired about adopting Jingle and came into contact with Melissa from peacelovedogs immediately after. To say that I had a pleasant experience working with Melissa would be an understatement. She was so responsive, helpful and honest, responding to my every question and concern at all hours of the day. Melissa sent me videos and pictures upon request, and even had Jingle stay at her house before she was off to Rescue Road Trips.

The entire process was extremely pleasant and stress free. I never had any doubts and knew that the only concern at peacelovedogs was that these pups find the loving homes and families they deserve.

Once off from Texas to New Jersey via Rescue Road Trips, I received updates and pictures along the way as she was being walked, fed and cared for by amazing volunteers. When the day finally came to pick up our new love — April 18, 2015 to be exact — I’ll never forget how joyful that moment was. When we told Greg from Rescue Road Trips we were there to scoop up Jingle, he said, “Get ready to fall in love!” And that is just what we did.

Jingle, now Bradley, is where she truly belongs. She enjoys daily hikes in the woods, runs on the beach, snuggles with her sister and more love than she could ever fathom. I would recommend peacelovedogs to anyone and everyone looking to rescue a dog!

— Kelly Martin
Brick, New Jersey