Lottie's Story

I grew up with dogs, and when my childhood pug died it left a huge hole in my heart. It also left our eight year old lab lonely, and I found myself checking petfinder for possible dogs. I must have inquired after at least 25 dogs here in New England, most of which I never heard back about. The places that did answer required tax returns, letters from plumbers, all sorts of hoops to jump through!

I was disheartened and on the verge of giving up, figuring that it obviously wasn’t meant to be. Then one day I randomly decided to set the distance to “anywhere” — and there she was! I immediately emailed peacelovedogs to find out just how I was going to try and get this dog from Texas to New England, and Melissa answered within hours. I had no idea this sort of rescue or process existed, and the moment Melissa told me Lottie was still available for adoption I burst into tears.

Six days, a call to my vet, and lots of photos later Melissa told me she was mine. Melissa sent me constant updates and photos. Within two weeks of seeing Lottie’s face on the computer I was picking her up from Rescue Road Trips. I was the last person in line, and when I told Greg I was there for Eva (her original name), he broke into a huge smile and told me she had been one of their favorites.

It’s only been three months, but I cannot imagine life without this furball. She crawls into my bed every morning for cuddles, steals socks, and takes frequent naps curled up in my lap. She is full of fiery spirit and a love for life that can’t be matched! I owe so much to peacelovedogs and Rescue Road Trips.

—Phoebe Burton
Providence, Rhode Island