Moby's Story

One of my favorite (of many) things that my mother passed down to me is her love of animals. We grew up in apartments and could never have dogs but she fed our animal passion with guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, hamsters and horseback lessons when we could. My mother is that person who spends entire visits at other people's homes on the floor with their pets. I have so many of those warm memories and can't thank her enough for instilling the importance of animals into me and my brothers.

It wasn't until this past year that I was living in a dog friendly apartment and had the work hours that allowed for getting a dog. I would sometimes reluctantly visit Petfinder from time to time fearing that I would fall in love with a dog and never hear back from the rescue, which had happened so many times before. It's as if these messages went off into some Bermuda Triangle and I just hoped the dog ended up okay.

Then one day, I came across a dog on Petfinder that lead me to peacelovedogs and I heard from Melissa within an hour. That dog had been adopted but she told me she'd be happy to find me the perfect fit. I'm not being cute when I say she is a matchmaker — she truly is. She sent me photos of two dogs she thought might be a good fit and that’s when I laid eyes on Moby. It was love. Then when I heard he was found drowning in a lake in Houston... I had to have him. It became my mission to get this dog without annoying Melissa out of her mind with all of my many texts, phone calls and questions. As if working, volunteering, and being a wife and mother aren't enough for Melissa and Darci they also stay in constant contact with their adopters sending videos and photos ushering their new family member into their homes. 

After some digging I have found the man who saved Moby back in January. Genaro Sifuentes, of Missouri City Animal Control, got the call that Moby was in a lake that is known to have alligators in it. He hurried and found Moby crying and scratching at the ledge, trying to get out. He scooped him out and took him to the shelter where they took care of Moby before peacelovedogs intervened. I’ve now had the chance to thank him — and it’s nice to share with him Moby’s Happy Tails story.

Moby has realized he’s safe now and become comfortable and playful. He's bonded with other dogs in our building and he is now part of his very own pack. In my 8 years in NYC it wasn't until I brought home Moby that I really became involved in my neighborhood. Every morning we are part of a "pack" of neighbors who bring their dogs to the end of Pier 15 in the Financial District of Manhattan and let our dogs play off leash at 7am — rain or shine. The "Pier Pack" is made up of roughly 20 dogs — families filter and in and out when schedules permits. The "Pier Pack" members come from all age groups and walks of life. I've met so many great people I never would have otherwise and my life is full. I've formed friendships that I'm thankful for and Moby has learned to trust again.

Thanks to Darci and Melissa my family is more complete and my life is richer. As someone who experiences social phobia Moby has brought out the best in me. From Genaro who saved his life, Sienna Six Veterinary Center, to peacelovedogs, their amazing fosters, and Rescue Road Trips — everyone plays their part in this. I will always consider myself a proud part of the peacelovedogs family.

—Susan Whitbourne
New York City, New York