Parker's Story

We had a 3 year old Standard Poodle named Sam, and had been toying with the idea of finding him a friend. We wanted to rescue this time, but our son has asthma and is allergic to most dogs. We knew he was safe with poodles but didn't know that we could ever find a pure breed poodle in rescue. 

Then I started seeing Facebook posts from my friend Jody about an adorable Whoodle (a Wheaten Terrier/Poodle mix), that she was adopting from Texas. I reached out to her and she told me about peacelovedogs, Rescue Road Trips, and all about her journey and how great having two dogs had been. 

I was hooked before I even spoke to Melissa, but when we did speak she told me about a four year old Mini Poodle named Parker. He was a matted mess when Melissa rescued him from a trailer park. 

Once Darci cleaned him up they saw his curly coat and knew that he was 100% POODLE!  Parker had been at peacelovedogs for 9 months, because he is "just a Poodle" and everyone wanted a Doodle; which is one or two different breeds mixed with a poodle. Well, "just a Poodle" was perfect for us! 

Melissa sent me pictures and videos and answered all of our questions with patience and honesty. She even measured him because I was concerned that he was too small for our open staircase. 

Parker came to us on a March Rescue Road Trip run, and from the moment he jumped out of Greg's arms and licked my kids' faces we knew he was meant to be ours. Parker is the most lovable, playful, cuddly, scruffy Mini Poodle! Sam and Parker are best buddies, he completes our family, and we owe it all to peacelovedogs!

—Gayle Schreiber
Ridgefield, Connecticut

Parker before.