Brooklyn's Story

When we were ready for another rescue dog I started my search on Petfinder. I found a little dog on peacelovedogs rescue site and emailed Melissa about him. 

Melissa got back to me immediately, we corresponded about this dog and the personalities of my other three dogs, and determined it may not be the best fit. Melissa suggested a different dog at the rescue, Brooklyn, for his sweet nature and felt he would fit better than the pup I had been looking at. She then sent me a video of Brooklyn interacting with the other dogs at the rescue so we could get an idea of his personality. 

Well, we fell in love at first sight! Due to the fact that Brooklyn was in Houston, and we are in Northern New Jersey we scheduled Brooklyn's transport with Rescue Road Trips. We were so excited to go to the meeting spot to meet our new little guy! Seeing all the other adopters meeting their dog for the first time as Greg brings each dog down from the Rescue Road Trips truck is so emotional and joyful.

The whole adoption experience was so nice. Melissa couldn't have been more responsive every step of the way. 

Oh, and I might add that one year later, she was so right about how well this little guy would fit into our family! Brooklyn is just a sweet, darling dog and brings so much joy to our lives! 

—Patti Schmidt
Oradell, New Jersey

Brooklyn before.