Bowie's Story

In January of 2015 our family was feeling ready for a new member of our family. We had lost our sweet dog, Pepper, three years earlier. Now, our children were seven and four and the baby stage was pretty much over and we felt ready to welcome another pup into our family. 

We have a unique job, in that we live and work at a New England boarding school as dorm parents to 40 middle school boys. Not only did this dog need to be good with young children, it needed to be social pup that would get along well with a number of curious, active middle school boys.

I mentioned to my running group that I was looking for a new pup and a friend of mine who had just rescued a Catahoula Leopard Dog from a southern rescue suggested that I look on Petfinder and search by breed. This was when I saw the picture and bio of Bowie — a poodle mix (maybe Tibetan terrier, maybe Australian Shepherd). He had been rescued in Houston from a shelter by Melissa and peacelovedogs.  

After filling out the application, I heard back from Melissa a few weeks later. We were delighted to hear that we had been chosen from a large group of people that had applied to adopt Bowie. I looked forward to the photos and updates that we received every few days from Bowie’s foster family and with each passing day our anticipation grew about having this sweet dog in our home.

Melissa texted me on the day that Bowie boarded the Rescue Road Trips truck to make the long trip north. It was then that my children started crafting their signs to welcome Bowie on gotcha day. That night we saw the post from the Allentown Angels (volunteers for Rescue Road Trips), with pictures of Bowie being walked. I was so excited to hear that he, “walked like a gentleman” on the leash, and loved to snuggle.  

I’ll never forget the excitement when my children and I drove to the parking lot in Connecticut to meet up with Greg and Rescue Road Trips. We stood in a crowd with 50 or so other people who were eager to meet their dogs. The white truck pulled around the corner and everyone started to cheer. I knew that it was almost our time to meet Bowie when I saw the pink folders in the woman’s arms who was calling out the names of the pups. When Greg called out “Bowie” my children ran up to the truck and Bowie leapt into our arms, immediately hugging us and kissing our cheeks.  

We brought Bowie back to the dorm and were greeted by a dorm full of excited boys from all over the world. We all fell in love, but my seven year-old son immediately bonded with Bowie. They cuddled on the couch that first night for three hours without moving.

Each day he rises with me at 5:30 and is a cherished member of my running group. I’m thankful that we live right on campus and are able to get home to take him for walks a few times during each school day. And every night when my husband and I are unwinding in our recliners, Bowie jumps up in my lap and cuddles.  

We couldn’t be more in love with this sweet soul and we’re so grateful that Melissa chose us to rescue Bowie.

— The Lakey Family