Annabelle's Story

My first glimpse of Annabelle was a picture of a scruffy, dirty pup who had been dumped oblong a highway with another dog and taken to peacelovedogs. They put a plea out for fosters. Having three rescues of my own, I never thought I could take in another dog. Even after donating funds, fundraising and volunteering for the rescue community, I felt the need to do more.

After seeing Annabelle's picture on the site. I asked what I needed to do to foster and decided after hearing about what was involved I would be able to handle it. A week later, after her health clearance, she came to stay with me. For a day or two she kept her distance but slowly warmed to our little family. We watched her confidence grow every day until she was the little Princess of our Doggiewonderland!!!

Melissa and Darci encouraged me to interview her potential adopter and we became long distance friends. We emailed and talked until Annabelle left us in Greg Mahle's very caring Rescue Road Trips. The Angels (Rescue Road Trips volunteers) along her journey sent me pictures as they walked her to reassure me she was in good hands.

She finally got to her new Mom, Jane, and more pictures followed from NYC!!! The experience was bittersweet but life enriching in an immeasurable way!!! Princess Annabelle will always have a place in my heart and letting her go made it possible for me to help save another life pulled from a shelter. Fostering has opened a part of my soul that I never knew existed and I am a better person for it. Thank you, Melissa and Darci for the selfless devotion you show to these beautiful creatures, from the bottom of my heart.

—Susan Rosas Nix
Houston, Texas

Annabelle before.