Zoe’s Story

The story of how Zoe and peacelovedogs came into my life was very well summarized in this article a few months ago, with a cute photo of Zoe when she got off Greg’s truck!

I am forever the biggest fan of peacelovedogs simply because they really made rescuing possible for me. I had started out looking for a dog to adopt in the North East which was the most frustrating process ever: tons of applications sent without anyone ever answering, dozens of voicemails left without ever hearing back from anyone… Volunteers are swamped, dogs come and go so fast, you can’t keep up.

In the midst of my search, I found peacelovedogs on petfinder by accident. I noticed an adorable dog. I called, and Melissa called me back the same day! This in itself had never happened once. I ended up not adopting that one dog; trusting Melissa’s judgment when she told me it was not a good match. At peacelovedogs, they don’t only find families for rescue dogs, they make sure each dog and adopter are a good fit for each other.

I stayed in touch with Melissa, followed her on Facebook, until one day I saw one of the photos she posted: a golden mix living on the streets of Houston. It was Zoe! I told Melissa: “she’s the one.” Like a true hero, Melissa had her picked up from the street that same day — and then started Zoe on her road to recovery and to a new life.

She brought Zoe back to health and took her into her own home with such kindness. Zoe needed medical care for weeks before she was well enough to travel north. Through it all Melissa was sending me photos and videos. I had never met my dog but was already part of her life and of this fabulous adventure.

When the day came to put Zoe on Greg’s truck, Melissa cried a little… And on a Saturday morning in March, we welcomed Zoe into our lives.

She is the most wonderful dog with a sweet personality, gentle and loving. And so cute! I have watched her thrive, become more confident every week, and adapt beautifully to her new life. Six months later Zoe is a true New Yorker, chasing squirrels in Central Park and coming to the office with me every day.

Pulling Zoe from the streets of Houston thanks to peacelovedogs has been one of the most touching, meaningful and rewarding experiences ever.

I have the greatest respect for Melissa and Darci, my favorite dog ladies!

—Anne Dessaint
New York City, New York

Zoe today, on her life mission of chasing squirrels

Zoe before (brown dog in middle).

A collage showing her on the streets of Houston before (far right), and after (two left photos) when she arrived in NY.

photo credit: top left photo in collage taken by Jane Zippilli