Peanut’s Story

My husband and I have had dogs for over 40 years, sometimes two at a time. Our dogs are like family and, when we lost our beloved fifteen-year-old standard poodle, Shadow, in February of 2015, we were ready to get another dog.

Because both my daughter and my son had adopted rescue dogs, and, because both of those dogs were awesome, we decided to go the same route. Little did we think that we would find it difficult to adopt a small dog; after all, weren’t there so many dogs in need of homes?

When I started with local shelters, what I found was that it would be reasonably easy to adopt a big dog (that’s what my son did), but the shelters didn’t have any small dogs, and those that they got were gone almost immediately. My daughter lives in California and had adopted her dog from there — not very practical for us. So I started to look on Petfinder. 

When I tried to call the people whose names were listed as the contacts, I found that most of them never even bothered to call me back.  And when they did call me back, the dog was already spoken for. (It is much easier to just go purchase a dog than it is to adopt one around here.)

And then I saw Peanut (formerly Sky) on Petfinder through peacelovedogs and contacted Melissa. She was amazing and the whole process was so easy. I learned that Peanut had been living with a young couple and, when the wife got pregnant, they decided they didn’t want the dog any more. Honestly, why anyone would ever give up this sweet, affectionate, funny dog is beyond me, but they tried to leave her at a high kill shelter. I am not sure of the details of how peacelovedogs got her, but I am so glad they did. And she came to us via Rescue Road Trips which is a marvelous operation! 

Peanut is just the most wonderful dog. Because she is so small — 7 pounds — she goes everywhere with us and loves to be a part of what I am sure she thinks as the Three Musketeers — my husband, myself, and her. She is part terrier, part poodle, part Chihuahua, and part who knows what; but the terrier part of her really comes through because she LOVES to chase critters in the yard (there is no way on god’s green earth she will ever catch any of them!). And she is AMAZING at running obstacle courses! People who watch her cannot believe a dog who is so small can run the same course as the large dogs. She LOVES it. It is her very favorite thing to do in the whole world, and we are definitely going to do more training. One of the pictures included here is of Peanut jumping through one of the hoops this summer. 

To say that we are grateful to Darci and Melissa doesn’t even come close to the feeling we have about being a part of the peacelovedogs family and we are looking forward to fostering our first dog from them in November. 

I love peacelovedogs and Rescue Road Trips!

—Christina Richardson
Wilton, Connecticut

photo credit: Lee Rebalko of Doggie Fun Zone