Molly’s Story

At the end of August this year, we helped our beloved 14-yr-old cross The Rainbow Bridge; grateful we were all (amazingly) home the same day. She looked so grateful to have our hands upon her as she rested her weary body into final sleep.

We all cried for days after hanging her collar outside the back door — myself, husband & two far-flung 20-somethings. Even the 5-yr-old coonhound moped around; the cat seemed mildly disappointed as well.

Our son said he would eventually get a pup to raise as his own, but I couldn't wait. I went on Petfinder and found the perfect girl at peacelovedogs. I responded, saw a video of Molly, applied, enjoyed a couple of Facetimes with Melissa & Molly, and agreed Molly was to join our family within two weeks via Rescue Road Trips. I became the classic Mother-To-Be! (You're welcome, pet stores.)

"Gotcha Day" arrived for us on October 1 in Putnam, CT.  As Greg drove into the parking lot & blew that horn, the anticipation grew & tears of joy flowed for many of us. When Molly appeared, I scooped her into my arms & covered her with kisses.

Two weeks later, she still loves giving & receiving kisses. Our Vet was impressed with her condition &  the care she had received with peacelovedogs. We're starting professional training next week. Hopefully, I can be trained!

— Priscilla Mullin