Hazel’s Story

Our peacelovedogs story turned out to be more than I ever could have imagined. We already had a dog that we got from a Breeder. I didn’t know at the time how important it is to rescue. My best friend is a big advocate of rescue and she convinced us that if we looked hard enough we could find what we were looking for in a rescue. We decided that for our second dog we would go that route.  

One night I was looking through Pet Finder and I saw the cutest little puppy that looked exactly like the breed we already had. A mix of a Wheaten Terrier and a Poodle — a “designer dog” called a Whoodle. I contacted Melissa and she told me the story about how they rescued this little puppy. How she was found along with her mother living outside in birdcage in someone’s backyard. The mom was malnourished and the puppy was blind and had a hernia.

Melissa took them in and cared for them, made them part of her family. She even took Hazel to an eye specialist when she thought that she was blind. Miraculously once Hazel and her mother started getting the right nutrition her eyesight came back and she was perfect!

While we anxiously waited for Hazel to come to us via Rescue Road Trips Melissa would send pictures and videos each week of Hazel as she grew. We have had her for almost a year now and we feel so lucky and blessed to have adopted her. She is the sweetest, most well adjusted little girl. She made our family complete and our other dog Harley loves her so much!

After telling many friends about our amazing experience with peacelovedogs and having our friends follow our story on Facebook, we have been able to spread the word about rescue! In under a year, seven more dogs from peacelovedogs have found loving homes with friends of ours. It is so great to be a part of the peacelovedogs family. They do amazing work and they will jump through hoops to get their dogs the right families. There passion for rescue is contagious!!

— Jody Carle
Manalapan, New Jersey

photo credit: oh boy photography