Barnaby’s Story

I had wanted a dog for few years but my husband said he was allergic. Many of my friends said that their spouses or children were allergic but that they got “hypo-allergenic dogs” and they worked out great. I decided our family was ready and I was just going to have to “push” my husband, Mark, into adoption.

I searched for months on Petfinder for a few different breeds of dogs. Every time I found one I liked, I would email the rescue or fill out the application only to NEVER hear back. I went to the local shelters (at least 3) only to find out that they had hidden lists of people wanting small dogs and basically, unless I wanted to go to the shelter every day to see what kind of dogs had come in, I was out of luck. I did try checking their website daily for quite a while with no success.

Then it happened. One evening I was scrolling through the dogs on Petfinder and I saw himBarnaby. I fell in love immediately and emailed the contact right away. Almost immediately (in fact, I had not even left my seat) Melissa from peacelovedogs emailed me back with the response, “I’m glad you love Barnaby. He is a great dog. Fill out an application and email it to me right away.” So, still not leaving my chair, I filled out the application and emailed it to Melissa.

Within a day, I heard back from Melissa letting me know my application looked good. We took care of some details and found out that I would be Barnaby’s new mom. I seriously could NOT believe it. I had a dog. Barnaby. That would come and live with us. Forever. My kids, Carter, William and Asher were all so excited.

Melissa sent me texts with pictures and videos of Barnaby and the excitement grew. My oldest son, Carter, and I went to pick Barnaby up off of Rescue Road Trips (another fabulous organization!!!). I had tears in my eyes as this adorable, little, white fluffy dog got placed into my arms, FOREVER. Barnaby started licking me right away and the love he has provided my family and me this past year and a half is amazing.

We enjoy lots of suggles, hiking, rides in the car, family outings and just playing in the house and the back yard, Barnaby has a little toy box in the house that he frequently goes over to, always looking for a different toy or ball. It is so fun to watch. My husband has even realized what an awesome addition to the family Barnaby is. He is the perfect match for our family. 

Since welcoming Barnaby to our family, we have also fostered 3 additional dogs from peacelovedogs. Rain, an adorable Shitzu, who I also fell in love with, and my parents ended up adopting. She has changed their lives for the better! Brie, an amazing little poodle mix whom a wonderful woman from the next town over adopted. And lastly, Pepa, a cockapoo/shepard mix, whom a lovely family north of us adopted. Pepa joined a pack of other dogs where she feels right at home! 

If getting a small dog is in your future, please adopt from peacelovedogs. They are the REAL DEAL!!!  

—Christine Pharo

Barnaby before, when he was rescued from a local Houston shelter who was euthanizing for space.

Another before photo of Barnaby about to get his first bath.

Brie (foster) and Barnaby.

Asher and Rain (foster).