Calvin’s Story

peacelovedogs has changed our lives in so many ways for the better. During 2015 we were looking for a dog. We wanted a small rescue dog that would like children as well as adults, and cats. This proved to be extremely challenging to find Northeast. I searched Petfinder and shelters in my area for 6 months and couldn’t find ANY dogs that fit that description near us. We were committed to adoption of a rescue dog so we continued to look. We started thinking about adopting from a shelter in the South where it seemed like there were more of the dogs that fit our needs. My husband was hesitant adopting a dog we had never met so we drove to Pennsylvania to meet a potential dog since that was the closest place we had found one that would work for our family. We got within an hour of the place, only find out the paperwork wasn’t ready and we weren’t able to even meet him. So disappointing for everyone after such a long drive but it turned out they discovered he didn’t really like kids so we moved on.

I started inquiring about dogs at peacelovedogs. Melissa got right back to me. I emailed and then spoke with her about our family and our wants in a dog. I asked about a few specific dogs and Melissa was completely honest with me about how they would work well with us and how they might not. After talking with Melissa a few times and feeling like she really understood who we were and what we wanted, I asked her to pick or find a dog for us. She told me that she thought Calvin (formerly Lego) would be great for us. She sent us pictures and videos of him that made both my husband and I feel totally comfortable and super excited! We had him sent up on Rescue Road Trips. The excitement was unbearable! It was all we talked about while we waited to get him for a couple of weeks. The week before getting him we made a welcome poster and decorated the car. The night before I could hardly sleep! We drove to our pick up location and shortly thereafter the large Rescue Road Trips truck came in blaring it’s horn in excitement! Greg came off the truck and announced that we could come get the life we saved! We jumped in line! I actually I think we ended up being first in line! :) We loved getting our hands on our boy! Melissa was right! We ALL ABSOLUTELY ADORE Calvin! He is the perfect dog for us! We LOVE him and can’t imagine our lives without him to love. Every morning each of our family of 5 spends time loving on him right when we get up and many times throughout the day.  

We worked on a couple things that Calvin had to learn. We saw a trainer to help get us on track with potty training and becoming less reactive to things/people and he has done amazingly well! He was about 4 years old when we got him and was very easily trainable.

Our family has enjoyed so much love and joy with Calvin. We are very thankful to Melissa and Darci for all the lives they save and for finding us our perfect family member. We now foster other rescue dogs for peacelovedogs to help other people find their new loving family members too! I couldn’t recommend peacelovedogs more highly. They make matches for life!

If you’d like to see our Gotcha Day video you can see it by clicking here.

— The Bayer Family


This was Calvin before, when he was dumped outside of a local business in Houston before a big storm.