Moose’s Story

On the 4th of July, little did we know it, but our 9 year old rescue Labradoodle, Jeter, would become very sick, and we would lose him that week. My heart shattered, not only for me, but for my two teenaged daughters. Jeter came into our family right after we bought our home, the girls were in a new school district, and Jeter was their best friend. He wouldn’t ever sleep through the night, he would get up and go back and forth between their rooms all night, checking on everyone, keeping watch. Without him, my heart and my home were empty.

When he died, I told my husband I could never go through that again, the pain of losing him suddenly at not even 9 years old was so terrible, I didn’t want to ever be in that position again.

So one day, at the office all alone, I thought well let’s just look... no dog will ever be good enough, no one can replace my Jeter... so I’d look every few days. Well one morning I woke up and just knew that Jeter would have wanted me to save another life, so I went online again... and right off the bat I found a picture of a baby Jeter. Oh that's my baby I thought I have to get him home... but wait... he’s in TEXAS?!? Oh no.

So I sent the picture to my husband... he didn’t even ask any questions, he said that’s our baby when do we get him? But... Texas... Bill says well we can drive there right? We live in upstate New York... so ummm no?

So I emailed Melissa... did some research on Rescue Road Trips... and a couple of weeks later we were in Brewster, NY meeting Greg and picking up our baby.  

He’s not Jeter, but he’s helped to heal a hole in my heart that I just couldn’t have lived with. Jeter loved this time of year, as soon as the first snow fell, he would run outside and roll in it, making snow puppies.  I wouldn’t have been able to face snow without my best friend.

His name was Dre with the rescue, but now he’s called Moose. He’s named after Mike Mussina, Yankee pitcher, and teammate of Derek Jeter.

We had no idea that when Jeter was sick that week... there was already a newborn puppy roaming the streets of Houston that needed us as much as we needed him.

I honestly owe my sanity to Melissa and Darci at peacelovedogs, but also my insanity — as right now someone is chewing on my shoe... that I am currently wearing. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

— Rebecca Horan
Amsterdam, New York