Millie’s Story

I came to know peacelovedogs in February 2016. I had recently had to put my beloved beagle Georgia to sleep.  She had been a member of our family for over 10 years, but over the last two years developed multiple chronic illnesses. Although it was a heart breaking decision, I could not let her suffer (we had tried all reasonable treatments) and knew it was time for her to rest. I believe Georgia (a rescued dog) would have wanted me to provide another “orphan” with a good home and love.

Searching online I found many dogs who grabbed my heart. I applied to several adoption agencies, one of which was peacelovedogs. Melissa responded within minutes. The dog I was interested in adopting had found a home. However, advocating for all her rescues, Melissa asked if I would consider adopting a beagle she was fostering in her home. I was not looking for another beagle. I did not want to place expectations on a new beagle, seeking a dog who was like Georgia. Nonetheless, I felt that Georgia had chosen this particular dog.  

Her name is Millie. Once Melissa told me of Millie’s circumstances, and sent pictures, I was in love and knew we had Georgia’s blessing. Millie and I saved each other! Millie was not in a shelter, but found running the streets of Houston by Melissa. It took her a couple of days to catch this quick and tough little girl. (Melissa did this at risk to her own well-being.) Millie was very fearful (I doubt that she ever really had a home prior to being welcomed into Melissa’s family and home). Melissa was able to get Millie on the next Rescue Road Trips transport coming north.  

Rescue Road Trips is an organization right up there with PLD. The loving care and attention given to these dogs, on their long trip, was unbelievable. Over the last 40 years all of our dogs have been rescues. I have never had such a great experience as working with peacelovedogs and Rescue Road Trips. These are wonderful and loving people.  

I was so excited to welcome Millie, and she was more than I ever could have anticipated! She was fearful and very nervous — and absolutely beautiful. Almost nine months later Millie is still revealing herself. Fortunately I am retired and we have been able to take things slowly. She is very much at home, she is initially leary of meeting new people but quickly makes friends. She owns the house and is a good watch dog, and a better lover dog! She loves to snuggle, in bed and in the chair. She either sleeps under the covers or on my head. She loves her yard, and quickly learned to tell me when we need to go out, when it is time for a meal, when it is time to cuddle (most of the time), when it is time to play, and when she needs her own space. Although she is over two years old, she is a puppy at heart. Potty training has been a challenge, but I think we have finally gotten it! She could be a little spiteful, but she is now totally comfortable, content and secure. Millie rules the roost.

Millie and I are forever thankful for Melissa, peacelovedogs, and Rescue Road Trips.

— Frances Lynch
West Haven,