Cooper’s Story

It was love at first picture. I came across BoBo (now known as Cooper) on a Wheaten FB page that I belong too. I saw his sweet face and those gorgeous brown eyes, and I was smitten in love. I knew he was meant to be my dog. 

I immediately contacted Melissa. I had to find out more about this adorable little guy. Melissa was so kind and helpful when I called to get information about Cooper. She sent me several videos and pictures of him. I could tell by talking with her how much she cared about him as well as all the other dogs in their rescue. 

“Gotcha Day” — It’s better then Christmas!! You see Greg’s truck coming up the road, he’s honking the horn while everyone is waiting anxiously outside their cars with their “welcome home” posters in hand. I’m not a crier, but my eyes filled up when I saw that truck pulling up. I was finally going to meet my boy. 

Greg jumps out of his truck, introduced himself and then the time is here for everyone to meet their new family members. When Greg placed Cooper in my arms, it was the most amazing feeling. Yes, I cried. This dog I fell in love with from a picture, was finally home with me.  

I can’t say enough about Greg from Rescue Road Trips. His dedication to saving these dogs lives is just amazing.

I highly recommend adopting from Melissa and Darci. My experience from start to finish was wonderful.  Melissa was there every step of the adoption process. I can’t thank them enough for saving Cooper and giving me the privilege to be his mom. He brings me such joy and happiness I can’t put into words. 

— Pamela McNair