Rufus’s Story

We fostered Rufus and then adopted him from peacelovedogs. We were on vacation on the beach in Mexico between Christmas and New Years in 2015 and saw this adorable pup who was in a shelter in Corpus Christi and in danger of being euthanized. Melissa and Darci agreed to rescue him and found fosters over the holidays and we sponsored his vet bills and they asked us to name him. 

When we got back from vacation, we went to see him at his foster’s house. We sat on the floor by the door and this matted, malnourished pup sat on Jen’s lap and started licking her right away. We knew then that he was going to be a big part of our family. 

We fostered him and he put on weight and his loving personality came out over the next few weeks and within a month finalized the adoption. Maya, our labradoodle, loved having a friend to play with it and she helped him deal with anxiety and adjusting to our family. He also helped her with her picky eating habits and today, our two dogs are the best of friends. Thank you to Melissa and Darci for saving Rufus and making him such a big part of our family and lives.

— Purvez Captain
Houston, Texas

Rufus before.