Penny’s Story

After losing our beloved Springer Spaniel, Sophie, on Christmas Eve, we were ready to bring another dog into our life and really wanted another Springer. We had very little luck trying to adopt in Pennsylvania where we live, mostly due to the fact that we had two toddler children which made us black sheep of the rescue world. It got so bad that we almost considered buying a puppy, even though that’s not what we wanted.

Melissa, who I didn’t even know at the time, had seen my friend Robyn put out a call for us — a family looking for a Springer. And when someone posted on Facebook that a family near Houston was looking to rehome their Springer who was living outside, a series of gears started turning and (long story short) Melissa took action and was en route to save our dog before a huge thunderstorm hit that night in Texas. The whole time she texted me photos of our dog and updated me. I felt that night that there was truly a guardian angel saving our dog.

Penny was emaciated and scared. She weighed only 24 lbs. when the average for a female Springer is 45 lbs. Her ears were dreadlocked and her dew claws had grown into complete circles. Melissa graciously fostered her for a few weeks as she needed to gain weight before the vet would spay her. It blew my mind that a perfect stranger several states away would work as hard as Melissa did to make our doggie dreams come true. But knowing Melissa now, it’s just who she is. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do to help a dog in need.

Penny is the world’s best cuddler and she still sports the mohawk that she did when she was rescued. Partly because it makes her a badass and partly because it reminds us how far she’s come. We couldn’t be more grateful to and impressed by peacelovedogs rescue

— Tara Sollman
Erie, Pennsylvania

Penny before. Ear dreadlocks (left), and dew claws grown into circles (right).